Once upon a time, I believed the so-called January Blues were simply a big, PR fanfare. Until this year, when they hit me square in the face. I have never experienced anything quite like it. I pride myself on my get-up-and-go, but something inside point-blank refused to let me fall back into the proactive routine I had going before Christmas. I spent two weeks at my family home, more time than I’ve spent there all year, and I just got too comfy. January is one of those times when social media can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Everyone’s #newyearnewme mantras might be the virtual kick-up-the-backside you need, or a deluge of positive vibes that can leave you feeling even more out of the loop than before you started to scroll. For me, this year it was the latter. I felt totally disconnected. But, three weeks into January and, underneath bright skies in Paris, I’ve finally conquered the blues.

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison

After walking away the cobwebs and over-indulging in croissants, truffle pasta (my new obsession) and too many cocktails, I feel worlds away from where I was two weeks ago. Paris was just what I needed; a few days to take a step back from all those New Year resolutions I made and be a bit kind to myself. It might have been the dreamy Parisian culture, or an afternoon wandering through the Louvre beside some of the great works that transcend our history. Even our hotel incited a kind of new artistry, clad in velvet curtains, ornamental wallpaper and metallic touches. Suddenly I’m not digging my heels in any more. I feel reinvigorated to get back to the gym, try new recipes in the kitchen, create, write, communicate. Put my stamp on things – even in the most simplest of ways. Fashion, for example. I’ve rediscovered my Charlotte Simone popsicle, which proves conveniently cliché with it’s azure fluff (bright colours really do make you feel better!) I also decided that it wasn’t too late to chase the baker boy bandwagon- the lazy girl’s answer to a great hair day – and I’m digging it. It just goes to show that what you’re wearing really does have the power to make you walk that little bit taller.

Every year, in January, when the wonderful chaos that descends at Christmas time disperses, we’re left with a conscious juxtaposition. The busy-bodys vs the blues. So if, like me, you’ve had a somewhat cathartic start to the year, then girl – TREAT YO’SELF! The only thing that came back lighter from Paris was my purse and I don’t regret a thing. Spend some time on you. Go out and spoil yourself, whether that’s something as simple as having a glass of wine on the sofa tonight, treating yourself in the shops, or booking a trip somewhere. Trust me, you’ll come home all the richer.