It is universally acknowledged that cycling and coffee enjoy a synonymous relationship and over recent years, I’ve developed a palate for some seriously *good* coffee. So, when Honest Coffees contacted me a month or two ago, I couldn’t say no to trying some of the ‘best-tasting coffee in the world.’* And not only are the company so highly acclaimed for their quality taste, but the brand’s ethical practice is also something to admire.

‘The UK’s only supplier of speciality-rated ethical coffee.’

On receiving my big brown bag of beans, I was immediately sucked into the thick, nutty notes of the Firefly roast; god damn perfect for this time of year. Seriously, this bag was sat on my desk all day and I lost count of the times I put nose to paper. Capture that in a candle and I’ll burn it all through Christmas. It’s one of the best smelling coffees I’ve ever been privy to, which made me all the more anxious to make myself a cup.

Before I get carried away with the product itself, I want to talk a little bit about the brand’s mission to raise the awareness of ethical coffee. Sustainability is a subject that has started to resonate much more with me this year and I have become attuned to everyday habits such as recycling, ditching single-use plastics, buying ethically sourced products, minimising food waste and appropriately, taking my re-usable coffee cup out the door with me on the reg. Honest Coffees beans are proudly Fairtrade and their focus on quality product shares a close affinity with generating prosperity for the local communities that share in the coffee-making process. The Firefly roast, for example, originates from the Amazon jungle of Chinchamayo, where the 50 small-scale coffee farmers have brought much-needed infrastructure and environmental restoration to the region. Their education programmes provide training, workshops on coffee production and management sessions for community youth. Therefore, Honest Coffees is powerful proof that we do not need to sacrifice quality for ethically sourced produce.


My favourite way to enjoy a cup of coffee is when Dean makes it with me in his Aeropress(!) There’s nothing better before going out for a bike ride at the weekend. I’m a true believer that the experience of making coffee renders the cup all the more satisfying and I find the whole pressure-process fascinating. The Aeropress yields a flavour that is much richer and makes an intimate change from using my Nespresso machine for convenience during the week. And, using the trusty Aeropress, the Honest Coffees Firefly roast certainly does not disappoint. The unique aroma of hazelnut, almond and chocolate is simply delicious; a sweet and nutty flavour enveloped in a super-smooth crema. Seriously, I get sad when I see the bottom of my mug.

Honest Coffees are renowned for their small batch, bespoke roasting process for large businesses, ensuring the delivery of maximum flavour on a big scale. Therefore, if you’re working for or know of a business looking for a coffee supplier, hit these guys up. Alternatively, if you simply want to treat yourself to a luxe bag for Christmas, you can get your hands on some of this gold dust in either ground or bean form, straight from the Honest Coffees machines website.

*all Honest Coffees are scored 80 or above by the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA)