Lorac Pro Palette

The Lorac Pro Palette  is one of ‘those’ products that has knocked the beauty world for six. Bloggers, Magazine Editors and Youtubers alike, have been quick to name it a cult favourite. It’s been on my wish list for a good long time as it’s a slippery little sucker to get hold of here in the UK. Then last month, I made the $20 shipping commitment and snapped it up form Nordstrom. And now I know what everyone has been raving about, it’s certainly safe to say that I’ve turned into something of an eyeliner fiend.

What first struck me when I pulled it out of it’s box, was how slim the packaging is. This is not going to take up ANY space in your make up draw, your suitcase or even your handbag. It’s completely fuss free and has a lovely big mirror on the flip side – again, great for travelling. I personally prefer the NARS-esque, cardboard housing to the tin material of the NAKED palettes, for example. And that’s just the packaging. The formula of these is just incredible. And namely, the colour pay-off. These go a long way, even the paler shades are completely opaque and instead of swirling my brush round and round in the pan, with these it’s literally dab and go. The consistency is deliciously buttery, very much a cream to powder recipe, bar perhaps Nude and Champagne, which are slightly more gritty as they’re such shimmery pigments.

On the subject of shades, could you ask for more?! I think if I designed my own eye shadow palette, it wouldn’t stray far from the sixteen shades in the Lorac Pro. For an everyday look, I go straight to Cream which counteracts any pigmentation on my eyelids of an early morning, then I go in with Taupe just to diffuse the colour and give a bit of definition in my crease, as well as thicken up my lower lash line. To finish off, I press a tiny bit of Nude onto the middle of my eyelid to highlight.

Lorac Pro Palette

For more of a dramatic look, I’ll go back in with the Mauve and then Deep Purple in the crease and lower lashes. Then I dampen an eyeliner brush and use Espresso as my winged liner. I’ve actually had a lot of wear out of Garnet too, and even Slate, which I wrongly dubbed as the dud shade of the palette. But it makes a subtle statement blended under the lower lash line and I think it looks great with brown eyes. There really is every colour you need in here to create some really gorgeous understated and statement make up looks.

So the Lorac Pro Palette is undoubtably one of the best products I’ve tried in ages. Up until recently it’s been near on impossible to get your hands on it here in the UK, but now with Nordstrom, you can have it on your doorstep in just ten days or so. I’d pay the $20 shipping charge again at the drop of a hat. This palette is bloomin’ fantastic.

The Lorac Pro Palette available here.

Lorac Pro Palette