Yearly Round-Up: Happy Birthday Beleza!


Today is April 27th and a whole year to the dot since I published my very first blog post on ‘Beleza’ by Ems. So, I thought it only right to commemorate the moment with a little recap of the last year and what has gone on! It only seems like yesterday that I was turning over the very idea of a starting a blog with the girls one evening over food and to this day, they continue to encourage and support all my feats. That night, I began the long process of designing and writing what you see on today (and also had my first experience of blogging into the early hours of the morning – the first of many to come!) The past twelve months have been a whirlwind of exciting opportunities, so here is a quick recap of a year of ‘Beleza’ by Ems…

For those who have their blog, you will already know how much of your time and attention it can entail, however also the fun, rewarding experience that comes from having your own space on the internet. At times, it can be really tricky to keep up the momentum of publishing posts, particularly when you’re juggling your time alongside working towards a degree! As well as my passion for writing and my obsession with fashion and beauty, it is ultimately all of the positive comments and feedback from my readers which I find so fulfilling. ‘Beleza’ by Ems has opened up so many opportunities for me and I am now so happy to be writing fashion articles for the TAB Newspaper. As my blog has gained a following, I’ve also had the chance to work with so many different brands. To name but a few, John Frieda, John and Ginger, Richard Ward and, who featured me as their Christmas Blogger of The Week and with whom I am currently working with at the moment on a feature for their brand new online magazine. The future looks to bring more exciting opportunities with brands such as M&Co, so watch this space!

Another angle of the blogosphere which I became involved with this year, was YouTube. Creating videos, purchasing my very own Canon DSLR and posting myself, at times facially naked(!), on the internet are all things I never thought I would do! However, all of this has given me so much confidence and over the Summer, when I take a break from the busy life of University, I hope to continue this platform for my blog by making more videos.

It has been a joy to see other bloggers grow and some, who started up around the same time as I did, have become firm friends. Perhaps most notably, Kristen at Your Beauty Fix, who despite living across the Atlantic has become someone who is not only in my address book as a blogger, but also for Christmas and Birthdays. Kallie at But First, Coffee… and also Hannah Elder, who I have followed from day one and who started writing B.L.A.B only a few days before ‘Beleza’ become real, continue to inspire me. The blogging community is sincerely the most lively and uplifting social network and I am so happy to be a part of it. *Tear*.

Finally, to round up an entire year of ‘Beleza’ I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who follows and has supported my blog over the last twelve months. It really does mean the world to me and I hugely appreciate the time you take to read my writing. So what’s for the future? I have so many plans and new ideas for food, fitness and a little more fashion, to name but a few. Right now, I’m working towards big exams at the end of next month, so please bear with me and my slightly sporadic posting for the next few weeks. However, in the mean time, I’m sending a huge thank you and lots of *hugs* to you all… here’s to the next twelve months!