ASOS Grunge

Recently, I’ve been busy writing big important essays, which has involved running over to the library at least a couple of times a day, and making quick trips into town to stock up the fridge with brain food. So, this has been my go to outfit. It’s such an easy, layered combination, that fits in effortlessly with casual street style, and will also keep you warm and cosy when you’re going about those day-to-day errands in the cold (cue, the beanie).

Cropped Jumper – Zara
This tartan jacket from River Island is something that I picked up in the ASOS Sale this season and, if it has taken your fancy, is something I would really recommend picking up. At just £26 down from a whopping £65, this is something that will sit happily in your wardrobe. Tartan has been one of the forerunning trends this season, and I think the colour of this check makes it really easy to add a flash of colour to an otherwise very neutral outfit. Also, I hold my hands up as a massive leather fan, so the faux leather sleeves are right up my street. Ultimately, it’s warm, easy to throw on and is going to go with jeans, leggings and as I’ve put it, leather trousers. These from New Look are so comfy and also a great option if you’re on a budget. Underneath the jacket, I’ve paired a simple, white collared shirt with a cropped grey jumper for added warmth and on top, sits my trusty black beanie. I’m literally wearing a beanie with anything at the moment – call it ‘chic’ grunge.
If anything has taken your fancy, shop my look below!