Triangl Swimwear


A couple of weeks ago, I placed a cheeky order with the infamous Triangl and I’m so chuffed with everything, that I thought I would share it with you. Triangl are an Australian company whose swimwear, and newly released underwear range, is all the rage these days, and now that I’ve got my hands on some, it isn’t hard to see why! Hopefully, the beautiful neon colours to follow will give you some inspiration for your Summer wardrobe – I certainly can’t wait to get my bum on the beach! Feast your eyes on these fabulous bikinis…

Triangl2 Triangl3 Triangl4
As someone who has always been into sailing and scuba, the idea of a neoprene bikini is just that little bit more exciting. I think the material is gorgeous – it’s quite substantial and thick, which allows for great coverage (no nipple showage!). It’s made to a really high quality, which is always reassuring when buying any sort of swimwear, particularly one with a more expensive price tag. I decided to go for the bandeau style bikini shape, which I know suits my shape and I also prefer the cut when it comes to tan lines!

The neon orange two piece is the ‘Winnie’ style, in Arizona Sunset – one of Triangl’s most recognisable hues. The neon colouring is absolutely incredible and makes you look a whole lot more tanned than you actually are… win! I actually think wearing a bright bikini can make you feel more confident on the beach, despite being a somewhat garish choice. The black trim gives a really clean cut finish, to what is, really, a very basic style bikini. However, understatement is made up for with the highly provocative colour, which is ultimately what makes this an incredibly flattering bikini.

The contrast two piece, with fuchsia pink bottoms and mesh style monochrome top, is hands down my favourite. The ‘Molly Rosewolf’ may seem quite mix and match, but once it’s on, it looks amazing and is probably one of my favourite ever bikinis. Pink isn’t a colour I would usually try on when it comes to swimwear, but it is so pretty and the monochrome bandeau brings the statement neon a little more down to earth. Like the ‘Winnie’ style, the top fastens at the back with a plastic clip, which is simply pressed to release. Also, both the top and bottoms have a substantial amount of material to cover you up, so surfing, volley ball and cart-wheels on the beach are a-okay.

The overall experience I had with Triangl, was flawless. On their website, they have a live chat which allows you to talk to someone with experience at Triangl if you are struggling with choosing a design or size. Shipping is slightly on the steep side of things at 20USD, however the DHL service was fantastic and my goodies arrived within a week of my order. Each bikini comes in it’s own little colour-coordniated, neoprene beach bag which I think gives much more of an expensive feel to the swimwear and I can’t wait to throw my beach essentials in there! I really cannot recommend Triangl more if you’re on the hunt for swimwear. They have something to suit everyone, and their incredible neon colours have undoubtably become the face of swimwear on Instagram over the past few months. They’ve also just launched animal print material, and I can’t wait to give their gorgeous underwear a run for its money! I’m not going to put any photos of me wearing them on my blog, but if you do follow me on my Instagram @emilyjbenton, then fingers crossed you’ll see me rocking them on a beach somewhere this Summer!

Triangl – you definitely have my full approval.

Available here.